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Let's see it ladies!

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1Let's see it ladies! Empty Let's see it ladies! on Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:48 pm

We all love some good yarn porn! Razz Razz

I'll start... Very Happy

Let's see it ladies! Eec24edea21811e299a722000a9d0ee0_7
This CotLin is for some test knits that will be a birthday gift for m oldest daughter, Ella.

Let's see it ladies! IMG_20130310_132846_medium2
For my 6 year old's Rue, some KnitKnots Chenille Merino in Charming. Mmmmmm. cyclops

Let's see it ladies! 33cad018a21a11e2930d22000a1fb865_7
8 lush sk of Chickadee from Quince and Co. I hope to start a Shifting for myself once all my test and gift knits are complete!

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